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Samarth Seva Sansthan was registered in 2004 as per the Society’s Registration Act 1958. The head office is located in Mount Abu (Sirohi),Rajasthan and the main secretariat is located in Udaipur. Samarth Seva Sansthan in Rajasthan has directly benefited the lives of over 1500 people.

Our Vision

  • To serve our society by rooting out several problems.
  • To help increase youth employment and enhance youth skills
  • To work towards having a good, healthy and a prosperous society.

Our Mission

Our aim for the future is to serve the society and help accomplish its goals to best of its ability to a point where the amount of suffering from economic, social, environmental or health regarding issues is minimum. To achieve its goals, the NGO plans to strategize and be organized so as to make the best possible use of all available resources and contribute towards sustainable development. All of this has to be planned to be carried out via various awareness programs, special volunteering programs and other development programs.

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When you bring together those who have, with those who have not - miracles happen.Become a time hero by volunteering with us. Meet new friends, gain new skills, get happiness and have fun!

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