Holistic youth development includes activities that strengthen the whole young person. More people today understand that child development and youth development does not happen in a straight line instead, it is all over for different young people and is driven by (people) ecology surrounding children and youth that ecology includes the adults other young people , the environment , social and economic realties, culture and many more parts.

Holistic youth development provides an opportunity to expand and deepen our work with children and youth by seeing all young people as complete, whole people who are going and evolving. It does this by acknowledging , respecting , and enriching those children and youth, as individuals , including the unique ecology surrounding them.

So thinking on these lines we deicidal to give focus. On – Different parts of young people’s lives by organizing this seminar , like

  1. Emotional aspects
  2. Physical growth & environment
  3. Familial values
  4. Social responsibilities
  5. Spiritual thoughts
  6. Ethical issues
  7. Educational awareness
  8. Cultural values

All together these components (and more) make up the worlds of young people today. Holistic youth development is not a tiner, sequential process that relies on any on component specially. Instead, it strengthens the whole young person.

Theme of the seminar

  • Youth for inclusive development.
  • Role of youth in bringing about changes in education.
  • Role of youth in Social inclusion and Social justice.
  • Youth participation in Politics & Governance.
  • Role of Youth & Social business in India.
  • Role of Professional social work & Youth development.
  • Youth and Information, communication & technology.
  • Youth at risk: Problems and challenges.
  • Youth as leaders of Social change.

Objectives of the Seminar

  • To discuss about the tangible solutions with young minded people.
  • To seek the participation of youth in development.
  • Enhance youth contribution towards politics and the governance system.
  • Develop an understanding about their involvement in the society and its relevance in young people’s life as the youth can now take charge and contribute for the same.

Our Patron

Name Post
Mr. Vivek Agarwal Director, Samarth Seva Sansthan

Organizing Secretary

Mr. Rajat kumar Fore National Youth coordinator


Mr. Rajendra Singh Rathore State youth coordinator
Mr . Rajat Chhoker Programme officer
Mr.Deepak Yadav District coordinator

Organizing Committee

Mr. Vakil khan
Mr. Puspendra Bhati
Mr. Sanjay Regar
Mr. Kashif Shaib
Ms. Jyotshna Pandey
Ms. Akanksha Choudhary
Ms. Disha

Advisory Board

Dr. Rajbhanti Former Principal, USSW
Dr. VeenaDwivedi Sr. Assitant professor, USSW
Dr. Avnish Nagar Sr. Assitant professor, USSW
Dr. Lala Ram Jat Sr. Assitant professor, USSW
Dr. Naval Singh Rajut Sr. Assitant professor, USSW
Dr. Sunil Kumar Choudhary (Sr. Assitant professor, USSW)
Dr. SitaGurjar Assitant professor, USSW
Dr. Anukirti Rao Assitant professor, USSW
Dr.Harish Vashista Executive Director, Credibility Alliance
Dr. Deepshikha Chowdhary Assitant professor BRAC, University of Delhi
Dr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor, Faculty of Horticulture, Jammu & Kashmir
Dr. Dusyant Joshi Genral Manager, Career Point, Kota
Mr. Vivek Chaturvedi Programme officer, Piramal foundation
Mr. Dhiraj Tyagi Manager Monitoring & evaluation Ibtada, Alwar
Mr. Vikram Mali Project Manager, Nanubhai foundation
Mr. Ravindra Pratap Singh Programme officer, Educate Girl’s, Ajmer
Mr. Jaiprakesh Pandey Govt. Teacher, Delhi
Mr. Subhash Agarwal Former Chief Manager, SBI
Mr. Yogesh Agarwal (Director) Right Cue consulting servies Pvt. Ltd, UK
Mr. Karan Garg Founder and CEO, IFW Techno creation Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Sukriti Chowdhary Ph.d Scholar, Social work
Ms. Ritika Chowdhary Ph.d Scholar, Economics
Mr. Shikhar Awasthi